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We Design your Mind Carpet

We are a small, friendly business also specialising in custom Hand made carpets, rugs and runners for the home and office such as public buildings, churches, meeting halls, and conference venues as well as hotels and TV sets.Design your very own custom made bespoke rug and carpets have it made-to-measure. Our team of weavers in Afghanistan and Pakistan can loom or knot a rug to any requirement using your design and colours with a choice of materials.
Simply provide us with your own design or one you have seen elsewhere and we can have the rug made for you from scratch. Need inspiration? We can work with you to come up with a design to suit your interior. You get to choose the materials (wool, silk, viscose or a mixture to add different textures and more depth to your rug), the quality and the size and we will have it made.

Custom Rug Quick Quote

Clients should select Hand-Knotted for rugs with designs or patterns; Hand-Loomed is a cheaper construction but can only produce plain or striped designs. Hand-knotted rugs, which can be anything simple designs to extremely intricate patterns are available on quotation.

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Why go custom with Khan Oriental Rugs?

Unlike most custom rug producers , a custom rug from Khan Oriental Rugs does not require a bank loan! While designer or custom rugs  generally start at several hundred per square metre with some costing well over one thousand for Hand Tufted Rugs; at Khan Oriental Rugs the most you will pay for the highest quality patterned Hand Knotted rug is between $225/m2 to $350/m2 Unless of course you go Persian hand-knotted!

Not only do we provide excellent quality and value but while most offer 'custom rugs' by selecting from a pre-defined set of shapes and patterns where you only get to modify colour and size, at Khan Oriental Rugs we can and will make a rug exactly how you want it. When we say custom we mean it! Choose a rug design, design it yourself either way we will make it for you in your own shape, fabric colours and size.

Your own custom rug in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 - Design

Is there a rug on our site, or elsewhere, that you wish you could have but it's not quite the right colours or the size isn't right for your room? Do you have a design in mind or would like your rug to match a pattern or colour in your room? Would you like a corporate logo or a customised message implemented into a rug? We can create almost any design using our weavers and rug specialists in India and Nepal. Simply send us your, image, design , link to another rug or work with us to bring an idea to life. Bear in mind these rugs are handmade and there can be slight variations in design from that programmed into a computer.

Step 2 - Size, Shape & Quality

Once a design has been established we'll know what implementation to use to create it. For most patterned designs. We can create rugs to a specific size so you're not limited to the standard dimensions of contemporary rugs. Most clients opt for a normal rectangular or square rug but we can create rugs in all shapes and sizes. The quality or type of material is chosen depending on budget, we can make recommendations depending on the intended usage of the rug. Once we have all this information we can provide you with an accurate quote for the rug.

Step 3 - Deposit & Implementation

Once we establish a design, get the ok from the supplier and you agree to a price, a deposit is required to start the work. This is normally Half of the total and allows the real work to begin. A Hand Knotted rug normally take anywhere from a few months to a year to complete depending on the size.Hand Knotted takes longer but using simple designs and multiple weavers allows it to be completed within the timescales above.

We can have images of the rug being made and after completion emailed to clients and would normally wait for several custom rugs to be completed before importing them to the UK in order to keep costs down.

Express orders are possible for an additional fee for those that require their bespoke rug within a tight deadline. Most clients however are happy to wait that little bit longer for their one-of-a-kind bespoke rug.

Step 4 - Sit Back and Relax - Your Rug Will be Delivered to Your Door

Some ideas for custom rugs...

Custom Sized Rugs

Create a rug, any rug of your choosing, in an exact size. Maybe you are looking to fit a rug into a cutout on your floor or your room is an unusual size. Perhaps you like a design but it is only made in smaller sizes. At Khan oriental Rugs we can take any design and make it to any custom size you desire.

Custom Coloured Rugs

It's not unusual for clients to find a design the love but the colours aren't perfect for their interior. At Khan Oriental Rugs we can adapt any design to the colours you want. Why settle for second best when you can have the rug made to your exact tastes and requirements? Find the perfect rug and make it even better by customising the colours.